What’s in my Implants?

In recent years patient awareness of dental procedures has increased significantly. This trend coupled with nearly unlimited access to information via electronic media has resulted in growing concern and questions to Doctors, as to exactly how and why a particular procedure is recommended and performed.

At our Chicago Dental Office, Windy City Smiles, Implants are made of commercially pure surgical titanium. This material is cold worked for strength (like samurai swords) removing the need for alloys.

Titanium has proven to be one of the most biocompatible materials presently available. What this means to our patients, is peace of mind knowing that they are receiving the highest quality implants available.

At Windy City Smiles our commitment is our patient’s overall health, for this reason we only use the highest quality products to deliver the best in Chicago cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. CaveroWhat’s in my Implants?

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